Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The old house

The old farmhouse was the star of the poem.  It was very interesting that it would describe it owners.  It was kind of nice how the family that owned the house were taking care of it.  It described the father and what he like.  I like how the house told of his habits.  The fact that he was a god fearing man was nice.  The house seemed to like this family a lot, though they were kind of sloppy.  The farmhouse was not kept up all the time or the house would not care to much for the family.  The family who had this house did try to be comfortable in it.  It also described the mother. She was a normal woman.  She kept the house in a workable state.  She put flowers in the rooms.  She kept the kitchen in good shape for the family to eat.  The house said that the family did not have a lot of money so they lived very modestly.  The mother also cooked meals for the family in her kitchen.  The house also said that the family was lonely.  I myself would have loved being away from city life.  The house was somewhere out far for them to be without neighbors.  The family may have missed out on inviting people over.  But the house was seemed to have enjoyed having the family there.  Then the house seem to be at odds.  The family had stopped caring for the old house.  There was soon no one there to care for the house.  It seemed that the family suddenly left the old house.  No one checked to see that the house was still being cared for.  The house was probably left by the family in a hurry.  The old house knew something was wrong.  There was no one there to care for it anymore.  There was no reason given except that there were things left in the old house.  No one came back to care for the old house.  The old house was abandoned.  The old house  was without a family.